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Thor: 90210 – Ragnarok – TV Review

Original TitleRagnarok

English Title: Ragnarok

Year: 2020

Language: Norwegian

Rating 3.5/7

What it is: A fantasy teen drama, that is rooted in Ancient Norse mythology.

What it’s about: A teen that returns to his hometown after a decade away to discover that he has been bestowed with the powers of Thor. Also, the town is being run by evil Norse “giants” while being ravaged by climate change at the same time, so he’s got THAT to deal with. 

Culture Clash: There isn’t too much revealed about Norwegian culture in Ragnarok besides the thread of Norse mythology running through the whole show. The attention climate change is interesting and good to see being worked in a fictional show. 

I did find it interesting that according to the show’s Wikipedia page a big criticism of the show in its native Norway is that the characters don’t have the right accent for Western Norway, but unless you’re from Western Norway I can’t imagine that would bother you much. 

What you need to know about Norse Mythology: Nothing really. There’s a title card at the beginning of every episode that tells you what you need to know, and everything else pretty surface level. 

Watch or Not:  If you want something mindless and fun it’s fine. Like everything else on Netflix it’s written to make you want to watch the next episode and with only six episodes it’s easy to get through the whole thing.  

Subs & Dubs: Yes it is both subtitled and dubbed into English so if you’re desperate to watch without reading you can be annoyed by the voices not matching their lips. 

Dr. Pepper Guarantee: Nope.

Where to watch: Ragnarok is on Netflix. Netflix is on your TV.

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