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A Dude Stalks a Woman, A Hand Stalks a City – I Lost My Body – Movie Review

Original Title: J’ai perdu mon corps

English Title: I Lost My Body

Year: 2019

Language: French

Why I watched it: It was the only “adult” film nominated for the Best Animated Feature Academy Award this year. I didn’t win, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to watch the actual winner Toy Story 4

What’s it about?  This is tricky because 95% of the movie is broken up into two completely separate stories. One story The more interesting of the two is about a hand gains sentience and starts traveling by itself (ala Thing from Addams Family) through the city. The other story is about, Naoufel, a young man who has a slightly pathetic present and as we learn through flashbacks has a tragic past. He falls in love with a woman through an intercom, though she doesn’t know who he is. To pursue her he gets a little stalker-ish in a way we’re supposed to think is cute, and romance ensues. 

Is it good? The hand stuff is entertaining, one scene, in particular, involving a gang of rats, moving subway cars and a disposable lighter was surprisingly fun. The rest?  I don’t know maybe? The “romance,” half of the movie just fell flat for me, in 2020 dudes should know that following women to their jobs and lying in order to get to know them, isn’t going to go over well. The best part of the movie is the last 10 or so minutes when the two stories finally come together, which I won’t spoil but it does make the whole thing somewhat worthwhile.

Should you watch it? The animation is very well done and the emotions that hit do it well, but there’s too much that misses. That being said, I’d still rather watch it twice before watching Toy Story 4. 

How to watch: I Lost My Body is available on Netflix in most of the world. It does have an English audio track if you really want to watch it without subtitles. 

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  1. I am finding these reviews very interesting and are motivating me to watch shows that are out of my usual genre of shows .
    Thanks for the “stretch”.

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