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Rams – Movie Review

A heartwarming movie about Icelandic sheep farmers is what everyone needs in their life.

Rams – 2015 – Iceland

I’m the type of guy that gets excited when I hear there’s a movie about Icelandic sheep farmers. What’s not to love? Iceland is badass in general, and you have to assume their sheep farmers are bad ass and then some, so I was psyched when I saw Rams offered up to me on Amazon Prime. Obviously, the movie is about more than just sheep farmers, it’s more about family, and traditional ways of life clashing with modernity. The movie centers on two brothers who have been engaged in a decades-long cold war. Though they are both sheep farmers and share the same large plot of land, the brothers haven’t spoken in 40 years and seem more than happy to keep it that way. But when shit hits the fan and both their farms might be ruined, the two are forced to decide what is more important their deep-seated rivalry or saving what they hold dear.

It’s nice to see something about Iceland that isn’t a travel doc, gets out Reykjavik and doesn’t focused on either weird food or excessive alcohol consumption. Rams gives the opposite, people who live in and deal daily with Iceland’s isolation and harsh weather, and at the same time face the same family and financial problems that everybody else does. Adding to the engrossing story is the beautifully shot landscape of rural Iceland and the stellar performances of the two main characters who keep you interested all the way to an ending that will manage to simultaneously warm and break your heart.

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